I developed my sound art and experimental music research in parallel with my philosophy studies, thinking about each one of this two fields like a different way to look at the same thing, using one in order to explain the other, and vicevaersa.

My artistic practice has been deeply influenced by the aesthetics of John Cage, based on the experience of silence, and David Tudor, developed through his training in indeterminacy and his pioneering practice in live electronics. 
Their conception of music like a social and non-hierarchical activity, and their efforts to break down the traditional distinction between different disciplines, led me to consider multimedia installations like a more contemporary and complex way to compose using technology and engineering techniques like trans-disciplinary tools. I tend to consider this kind of tools as not-given instruments, trying to re-invent them in order to obtain unpredictable results, according with the aesthetics of indeterminacy that underlies all my works.

Coherently with this approch, my artistic research is presently aimed, on the one hand, at the auditory exploration of soundscapes and complex systems, and, on the other hand, at the construction of handmade electronic instruments and at the use of FLOSS (Free/Libre/Open Source Software) in A/V performances and multimedia installations.



“BJCEM – Errors Allowed” (2013), Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, Italy.

“Disorder” (2012), Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano, Italy.

“The Others” (2012), ex prison “Le Nuove”, Torino, Italy.

“WEYA” (2012), Primary and Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, UK.

“Infart 06” (2012), CSC San Bonaventura, Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy. “I” (2012), A+A Gallery, Venice, IT.

“Artefatto” (2012), Sala Fittke, Trieste, IT.

“Toolkit Festival” (2012), A+A Gallery, Venice, IT.

“Intro: 108+Cecotto” (2012), Spazio Pelodrilli, Treviso (VE), IT.

“Artefatto” (2011), Miela Theatre, Trieste, IT.

“Contemporary Park” (2011), Forte Marghera, Marghera (VE), IT.

“BYOB” (2011), Spazio Concept, Milan, IT.

“Aquamater” (2011), Villa Mocenigo, Portogruaro (VE), IT.

“Bolzano Risuona” (2010), Conservatory of Bolzano, Bolzano, IT.

“Angolazioni Urbane” (2010), Contemporaneo Gallery, Mestre (VE), IT.

“Minds Out” (2010), Stevenson Theatre, London, UK.

“Urban Display” (2009), with Videotrope, Contemporaneo Gallery, Mestre (VE), IT.

“Bookmarks” (2009), with Videotrope, Magazzini del Sale, Punta della Dogana, Venice, IT.

“Global Beach” (2009), with Videotrope, San Nicolo’ beach, Lido di Venezia, Venice, IT.

“Lawrence Casserley and Friends” (2009), Palazzo Te, Mantova, IT.

“Klangfelder” (2009), Conservatory of Bolzano, Bolzano, IT.

“Hallakustika” (2008), IGNM-Tirol, Hall in Tirol, A.

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